Obama Meets w/ Dalai Lama, Cam Newton’s Christmas Card Revealed, Jay-Z Reunites w/ Jaz-O + Remy Ma Hits Hamilton w/ Vincent Herbert

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Remy Ma and her new manager Vincent Herbert attend the Hamilton Musical.

Gabrielle Union poses backstage with Janet Jackson after her concert.

JAZ-O, No ID, Jay-Z

Jay-Z reunites with his former collaborator Jaz-O after his Chicago show. Producer¬†No I.D. also poses with the trio. FYI: JAY and Jaz history goes way back. In fact, some credit Jaz as responsible for launching Jay-Z’s career. For Hov’s 1996 debut album Reasonable Doubt, Jaz produced his hit-single “Ain’t no N—a” featuring Foxy Brown.

NFL’er Cameron Newton and his family reveal their Christmas card. Cam shares two children with girlfriend Kia. Kia’s eldest daughter is from a previous relationship.

Alicia Keys hits the studio with Eminem. The singer has a track on Em’s upcoming album, Revival.

NeNe Leakes serves some serious cleavage, while promoting fashion from her Atlanta boutique.

Former President Barack Obama is staying busy in his post White House life. We spotted him last week Obama meeting with the Dalai Lama.

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  • Sharon Shay Williams

    Remy is a fraud trying to get our coins she know darn well she aint wanna see no Hammilton ANOTHER SMOKE SCREEN FOR A COME UP

    • The Invisibles

      You… are a dummy.
      How is her going to see “Hamilton” the play, making her any money or getting anyone to actually give her money?

      How the f*ck does that work?
      Someone goes see Bwy play and takes a picture, then someone see’s that and automatically goes out and buys their song?

      Some clown’s don’t need internet access.
      You must hate ur life so much that you see anything someone else is doing as a dis to u.



      • mirra.k

        All that tho lmfao your a true remy fan..because of someone’s opinions..i think your the clown that don’t need internet access really..u need a volume asap

        • The Invisibles

          First, I don’t even fuck with Remy really, but saying dumb shit,or co-sigming dumb shit…is some dumb shit.

          Secondly, the word I think you were trying to spell is “Valium” not volume, you second grade drop.

          Dumb as fuck…LMMFAO!!!

          Before you try and come for someone, have ur shit together.


          • mirra.k

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          • The Invisibles

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          • PlayGirl

            Actually, I am sane & know how to be spell Valium…education is so important.

          • mirra.k

            your so right sir

          • Camden

            Oooouch!! lmaooo! Mercy! Stop iiit!!

  • Coco Mcluvin

    That don’t look like Remy to me.

    • Fiona Flawless

      i know, I had to do a 2nd look.

  • Camden

    Remy has lost a lot of weight!
    Gabby looks like a teen with no makeup! (Great skin) Let me go drink some water!
    Cam and his family look great! Hate the gray hair tho on his lady.
    Love Love Love Obama!

    • Jeff


  • mirra.k

    Remy trying to distract us from that horrible ass song..and all the Nicki stalking ??????

    • The Invisibles

      What is your weave distracting us from?

      Lumpy scalp, Linus looking’ chick in the morning?
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