Future Explains Why He Wants More Children & Doesn’t Want To Date A High Profile Woman


Future Explains Why He Wants More Children & Doesn’t Want To Date A High Profile Woman

In a new interview, Future (real name Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn), gives a bit of insight into his personal and professional life. The 35-year-old Atlanta rapper (who’s nickname is “Meat,” no pun intended) opens up about having more children; if he’s looking for love and becoming an entertainer. See the excerpts below.

On new music, features, and new documentary:

“2019, January 18th my album coming out. I really don’t have features. Probably only have like one feature.The documentary is all about me. They have been following me for like 7 years. My kids are like 1-year-old. At first it started off like a series, for like 2 years. Then they started following me on another tour. Forgot my first tour but it was like the Purple Rain tour then it was like Summer 16. After that, they said we’ll just make it into something. I haven’t seen it. I seen the clips.”

Future, Drake

Rumors if Drake being the feature:

“Nah, nah.”

If he knew “Mask off” would be so successful: 

“I didn’t know Mask off was going to be a hit. We wasn’t going to put it on the album.”

On becoming an entertainer:

“I didn’t think I was going to be an entertainer. I thought I was going to do something in fashion or just having a store. Always wanted to have my own store.”

On his success:

“It’s like wow. Like 75% think I’m totally different then what I am.”

How the public quickly cancels people and how he would react:  

“Anytime I speak out, I just speak out being myself. I don’t have ill intentions with no one. Not even me fighting back, just me being me. You can be careless sometimes.”

Future & ex girlfriend Brittni Mealy

If love is in the air for him:

“One day, it’s so hard with my career. I wouldn’t be interested in a high profile chick. I don’t want anything fake. Only time we happy is when we post pictures. I’m living the BEST life!”

Future & Joie at their baby shower

If Future wants more children: (He currently has five boys and one girl; one child is with Ciara and his youngest son is with Bow Wow’s baby mama Joie Chavis)

“God bless me (laughing), I gotta have more kids. Me and my boys are like the best of friends. I just want one princess. I enjoy my kids, I’m building a legacy. You have to understand that when you have girls, they give away your last name. 50 or 60 years from now, you’re going to speak of my legacy. This is what I work for. My oldest son is 16, I had him when I was 17. He understands, you have to make your own way. You still have to make all A’s and B’s in school. I didn’t go to school, but I still want you to go to school. I don’t want you to be in the streets. You don’t have to, you have everything you want. I build this up, you gotta be prepared for it.

By Gregory Molette

Authored by: TJB Writer