LisaRaye On Stacey Dash Rumors, “I don’t care what she does.” + Why People Connect With ‘Single Ladies’

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Saturday, July 30th, LisaRaye hit up Washington, DC for the Omega Psi Phi Centennial Weekend Atomic party at Love night club. LisaRaye, along with Jeannie Jones ‘Kitty Of The City’ and WPGC’s Big Tigger hosted the party. Before LisaRaye hit the stage, we had a very candid conversation about why people connect with the VH1 series, ‘Single Ladies’, alleged rumors about a tense working relationship with co-host Stacey Dash and The Mo’Nique Show going on a hiatus.

Are you surprised at all or why do you think people connect so much with Single Ladies?

I think because it’s current, it’s fresh, it’s something right now that we don’t have on TV and we don’t see every day relationships between different nationalities. It’s bridging the gap between friendship. It’s also eye candy for women and men. We look good…it’s rich, it’s encouraging, it’s motivating, it’s self-teaching…and it’s fun and bold and in your face.


How do you feel about people comparing it to ‘Sex in the City’?

It is a version of [Sex in the City] because everything on TV right now and the movies is a reincarnation of something; a reinvention of something. So it’s either ‘Sex in the City’ or ‘Girlfriends’ or something but it’s ‘Single Ladies.’ So we have different things that’s in there but were not reinventing the wheel.

I know that you’ve addressed this topic before, but is there any issue at this point with you and Stacy Dash? Is there any reason why she’s not promoting the show as much?

I don’t know…you would have to ask her that. I know for me, every chance that I get I’m going to mention ‘Single Ladies’ because it’s it’s a job that’s gotten me back to doing what I do, which is my reality show—although its different–but me being back to scripted (TV) allows me to show my craft….and that is my acting. I don’t know what she do. I don’t care what she do. You know what I mean? But I’m here and I’m going to always talk about ‘Single Ladies.’


Can you tell me how you feel about The Monique Show going on “hiatus?”

Oh, I didn’t know that it was going on hiatus. That’s my girlfriend and she’s getting paid from every angle. So sh*t, if she wants to go on vacation, ‘You do that.’


Editor’s note…just to clarify, when asking about The Mo’Nique Show being on ‘hiatus’ I didn’t use the words “canceled” because at that point, it had not yet been confirmed. LisaRaye, who is good friends with Mo’Nique was unaware of the situation, as well.

Special thanks to Fly Candy DC, the organizers and official media host for the event and promoters BestFriendz, Dynasty 5, PhatCat and The Mazerati Group.

Photos : Mike James