Witness Says Drake Sent Chris Brown Note :: “I Am Effing The Love OF Your Life”

24-hours after the bloody club brawl that involved Chris Brown, Drake, Meek Mill and left at least eight injured, folks are still chatting about what actually happened that night. At this point, there are a number of versions of what people say happened. A few witnesses and sources have come forward explaining what they say allegedly TRIGGERED the entire fight.

And guess what they say ignited the brawl? A pesky note. Sources tell New York Post that around 4 a.m., Drake sent a bottle of Ace of Spades, along with a note over to Chris’ table that reads:

“I am f*cking the love of your life…”

Which was referring to Chris’ ex-girlfriend, Rihanna. A 21-year-old model named Ingrid Gutierrez who was at Chris table says,

“I saw him tell the waitress to send a bottle to Drake’s table. I then saw a waitress come back with a piece of paper and gave it to Chris…He looked upset and just threw it on the floor.”

At that point, she says that Drake’s camp, along with Meek Mill and all their bodyguards approached Chris‘ table.

“They were giving him [Brown] the middle finger. They got into each other’s faces and were shouting at each other…Chris told Drake to f–k off, and the next thing I could hear is the sound smashed glass and mayhem started. Chris didn’t swing back, he just tried to brush them off. He told us, ‘Let’s go,’ but there were bottles flying at us. I saw one bottle was thrown, it looked like a vodka bottle, and hit Chris on the face…The anger from Drake’s entourage was terrifying….There was blood gushing out of Chris’ chin..”



What do you think? Did a note and a few middle fingers REALLY trigger this entire fight? And if this version of what happened is the truth, is Chris getting a bad rep for being in the wrong place, at the wrong time? Lastly, who should be financially responsible for all of the damage and injuries…Drake?