June Ambrose Explains Why She Exercises In Stilettos, Hates Sneakers + Will Wear Heels Until She’s 90

We recently caught up with one of our favorite celebrity stylists, June Ambrose at the Essence Music Festival. Peep what she had to say about why she’s anti-sneaker, her plan to wear sneakers until she’s a senior citizen and why she works out in stilettos.

“I wear flats when I’m feeling ethereal, when I wanna feel confident and in charge, I wear platform stilettos. [It] helps me take on the bait with a little more stride, less painful. But we talked about how to walk in heels all the time with confidence. The reason why I work out in stilettos is because I’m so anti-sneaker. And it was a joke with my trainer like “I’m coming down and I’m coming the way I want to come.” And he talked to me about what areas of the body I need to strengthen so I can wear heels when I’m ninety. So we focused on the core and we focus on the knees to strengthen certain areas of the body. And I actually got to see my muscles working and my body perform as I’m walking in a stiletto. I’m not the kind of girl to wear a body con dress; I’m more comfortable in things that make you imagine what could be underneath. That’s my stylology for myself. So that’s how the whole working out in stilettos came about. And it went viral, people loved it. Will I do a DVD? Well, I have a great concept for Stiletto 2, and if you guys are asking–maybe I should do it. If more of you think it could work..it really does do a body good!”

See June in action:

[youtube width=”590″ height=”415″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oCkF1u7VolE&feature=youtu.be[/youtube]