Rapper Juvenile Endorses Tom Steyer

Juvenile Endorses Tom Steyer

One day before the South Carolina primary, rapper Juvenile endorsed Democratic presidential candidate Tom Steyer.

Last night at the GOTV rally, Juvenile commended Steyer’s commitment to environmental justice, including his work to stop the construction of oil and gas pipelines, as well as racial justice and push for reparations.


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“I’m with you on your journey,” said Juvenile. “To me you’re the best person to be the President of the United States because you’ve got the issues right. All of your policies are catered to help minorities and people who are struggling.”

Having been in the state more than any other Democratic candidate, Steyer has been listening and learning from South Carolinians about the issues that affect them most. Steyer knows that race is integral to addressing our climate crisis, empowering our youth, and pursuing environmental and economic justice for all Americans.

“In so many communities here, you see the heart and spirit to change South Carolina and the entirety of the United States,” said Steyer. “I’ve fallen in love with the people here. I will continue to fight for that change, and together we can fight to push power back to the people.”

Through election day today, Steyer has continued to build momentum across the state. Recent polls consistently have him as a leading candidate at second and third place. Clemson University’s Palmetto Poll has Steyer in second place at 17%, and an East Carolina University poll has Steyer in third place at 20%. A CBS/YouGov poll from Sunday showed Steyer at 18% in the state. Other recent polls conducted by The Post and Courier and East Carolina University also prove Steyer’s momentum, with 18% and 19% support in South Carolina, respectively. The latest Winthrop poll had Steyer at 15%. In addition, the Post and Courier poll showed Tom earning 24% support among black voters, only six points behind Joe Biden in first place.

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