Angela Simmons Denies Dating Romeo, Admits to Having 9 Tatts & Explains How She Keeps Her Bikini Body

In an interview with Everything Girls Love (EGL),  Angela Simmons discusses her relationship status, stay fit enough for photogs to catch her in a two piece and more. Peep a few excerpts.

On if she’s dating rumored boyfriend Romeo:

I’m single. I’m cool and I love being single.

On her addiction to ink:

I’m a tattoo addict. I have nine, with plans on getting more. They are not in visible places, so I can still conduct myself as a professional when I need to.

On how she keeps her killer beach body, that we’ve spotted a few times on South Beach:

I love the beach and I love my bikinis, so I work out a lot. I have a personal trainer I meet with a couple days a week. I do a lot of outdoor running, swimming, cardio, yoga and horseback riding. I mix it up a lot, but I’m always moving and working out. I became a vegetarian a couple of years ago that along with being active helps me keep my body where I want to be.

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