Twitter Thuggin’ : Shyne Calls Diddy A Snitch, Says Diddy Owes Him His Life

Ten years does something to a man. Just ask Shyne (real name Moses Michael Levi). As some of you know, in 2001, Shyne was convicted for a New York club shooting, where he was ultimately charged with attempted murder, assault, and reckless endangerment. Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs and his then girlfriend, Jennifer Lopez, were also present. Shyne was incarcerated in 2001, spending nine years in prison. In 2009, he was released, ultimately being deportated to Belize. And according to Shyne, Diddy has not done right by him. Wednesday evening, he took to twitter, calling Diddy everything but a child of God. He wrote:

How can I forgive someone who has no remorse?…I saved @iamdiddy life…I gave @iamdiddy life! His head was on the plate. But I pardoned him! But the only think this creep understands is fear. He likes to play Russian roulette ! How do you repay someone who saves your life? If I was creep would’ve hung himself in a prison cell! Ten years! Ten years! Ten years! I sat for a decade. While homes was living his life in st.barts I in was in hell because he told on me! How can someone be worth a halfa billion dollars & not take care of the guy that saved his life? AnthonyWolf is the reason @iamdiddy is alive…But Anthony Wolf Jones moms is struggling in the projects with no support…Anthony Wolf Jones kids ain’t got no trust fund! But if it wasn’t for Wolf@iamdiddy would be buried from @iamdiddy…I disloyal ungrateful bootlegger! That’s that ish I dont like! A disloyal ungrateful bootlegger! That’s that ish I don’t like! I know for a fact @iamdiddy went to the U.S government to make sure I was deported! A man is not measured by his money! Rather a man is measured by how he uses his money to better the lives of the sufferers! When spoke to @iamdiddy he told me he was sorry for everything he did & he would spend the rest of his life correcting his mistake…Ask Anthony wolf daughter @WHYhateASH_K_ how she feel about@iamdiddy

And what was Diddy’s response? Radio silence. Diddy nor his camp have responded to Shyne’s allegations. What do you think about Shyne’s twitter vent–valid or not?