[New Music] Nicki Minaj’s Mom, Carol Maraj, Tries Gospel + Listen to New Song

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The musical apple doesn’t fall far from the tree–at least in the case of Nicki Minaj. The 32-year-old’s mother, Carol Maraj, is trying her hand in the gospel genre. This week, Ms. Carol (don’t you feel like you hafta throw ‘Ms’ in front when you’re referring to someone’s mama?), released a snippet of a new track that she’s recorded, titled ‘God’s Been Good’.

nicki minaj-mom gospel song-carol maraj-gods been good 2014-the jasmine brand

On the opening of the track, she sings of what we assume is a personal experience:

With a strange look on his face, the doctor studied me, looking at the X-rays I could see he wasn’t sure.

While she’s only released 30 seconds on SoundCloud, listeners can hear whether or not the track has potential.  Take a listen below.