LHHA’s Karlie Redd Denies Photo of 18-Year-Old Daughter

One of the more popular plot lines of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta are viewers fascination with cast member Karlie Redd’s real age. There have been a number of reports, along with a fake wiki page, that suggests that she’s in her 40’s, while some speculate that she’s in her 30’s. During part 1 of the reunion show, when asked her real age, Karlie refused to share. However, she did confirm that she had a daughter, but didn’t want to divulge her daughter’s age, as she explained that she doesn’t want her daughter involved with the show or the public. Fast forward to today and a number of sites have shared a photo of an 18-year-old girl (photographed above) claiming that she is Karlie’s daughter. But according to Karlie’s tweets, the girl posted all over the ‘net, isn’t her daughter. She wrote:

I feel sorry for that poor Lil girl and her parents for getting exploited by the media. That’s not my daughter. Bossip get your facts right!

What’s more is that Karlie and the girl (who actually is not a girl, she’s 21 years old), are tweeting that they have plans to sue the outlet in question. Yikes. Stay tuned as the drama continues. P.S. Did y’all really believe that was Karlie’s daughter?