Ochocinco Faces A Year In Prison For Evelyn Lozada Domestic Incident

The media is still sorta-kinda buzzing about the alleged domestic violence incident between reality couple Chad Ochocinco Johnson and Evelyn Lozada. As most of you know, Evelyn allegs that Ochocinco head butted her, during an argument, ultimately causing her to receive stitches. And while the two remain low-key in the public, latest reports indicate that Ocho may get some jail time for the incident. According to reports, the former Miami Dolphin, may face a year in prison due to altercation.

Why could he possibly do jail time? Because back in 2000 he received a domestic violence charge for slapping his girlfriend. That incident, happened in California and he was sentenced to community service. Fast forward to the present day, his 2000 charge, could potentially be upgraded to a felony. What do YOU think? Is spending a year in jail for head butting Evelyn fair or excessive?