[Video] Footage of Rick Ross & Young Jeezy’s Fight Backstage at BET Hip Hop Awards

By now, you’ve heard a number of versions of what happened backstage at the BET Hip Hop Awards, between Rick Ross and Young Jeezy. Monday morning, TMZ released footage of the actual brawl that went down between both camps. Peep the clip.

[youtube width=”590″ height=”415″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Whw28fmT-PQ[/youtube]

Now, at this point, we’ve watched this clip 50 million times and here’s what we see–a shirtless Rick Ross swinging, a ton of security trying to diffuse the situation, a mirror being broke, along with DJ Drama and DJ Khaled’s present. We don’t see Jeezy, but it’s obvious he is somewhere in the crowd. What physically started the fight? We’re told (after speaking with a few people backstage) that the security did not clear the hallway with Jeezy’s camp soon enough, and Rick Ross and his camp had just performed and the two (who have a history of tension between them) exchanged words (both sides backstage) and ultimately blows. Anywho, click here for BET’s response, along with a tweet from the network’s Stephen G. Hill. Based off of what you see and read, who do you believe is at fault?