Studio Hustlin’ : Will Mariah Carey Be On R.Kelly’s ‘Trapped In the Closet’?


In addition to battling behind the scenes with Nicki Minaj on 'American Idol', Mariah Carey is also making musical magic. The mother of two adorable twins, tweeted a photo of her in the studio doing a duet with R.Kelly. Exciting right?! The only thing is there's some ambiguity we need to uncover. Mimi included hashtags in the caption, #trappedinthecloset #totalclassic which would lead us to believe that the song will be featured on a new Trapped in the Closet episode. Backstory needed? Our pleasure! Just months ago, R.Kelly announced that he would debut a new series of Trapped in the Closet melodies, not sure when though. On the other hand, we know that Mariah is working on her 14th studio album with a tentaive date of release in January 2013. She released new single Triumphant back in August.  The song she and Kells are cooking could be her next single. Either way we're looking forward to hearing what these musical geniuses produce and the sooner the better. Stay tuned for more details.