Magic Johnson’s Openly Gay Son Serves Fashion to Photogs + Bangladesh Quits Working On Lil Kim’s Album

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Not really news, but I must say his side-walk style is arguably fly. According to TMZ, business mogul Magic Johnson has an openly gay son named Earvin Johnson III (aka EJ). And Magic and his wife, Cookie, are 100% supportive of EJ, telling the outlet:

“Cookie and I love EJ and support him in every way. We’re very proud of him.”

Recently, the stylish 20-year-old was spotted on Sunset Blvd with rumored boyfriend and chatted w/ photogs about sports. Check him and that expensive bag on his arm.

And in totally non-related news, Lil Kim may have some challenges with the upcoming album that she’s working on. Reportedly, producer Bangladesh will no longer be the executive producer on the project. In a recent media round-table, he politely explained that it just wasn’t working out between the two.

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He explained:

‘Give me anybody I’ll make ‘em sound good. The outer surface is real easy but the inner’s hard- it’s hard to get in there. It’s easy to.. ‘let’s-hey let’s do this, yeah that’s great-you’re you- I’m me- that makes sense right?’ But when it comes to the music part, the business part, the details and the business, it’s not that easy- the conversation is different. I don’t really think it’s gonna work out’.

Fast forward to the 2:27 mark.

No official comment from Lil Kim yet. [That Grape Juice]