Kanye West Forgives & Hugs Paparazzi Who Asked About Reggie Bush

There’s only one celeb that dislikes photogs more than Halle Berry..and his name is Kanye West. So, we were surprised to see that Kanye and a photog at Miami International airport, had a friendly moment, as he was hopping in his car. But this just isn’t ANY photog…

Rumor has it, that this is the same photog that Yeezy had issues with a few weeks ago in MIA. Here’s the backstory:

Ye and Kim Kardashian were leaving a dinner date when a photog shouted, “Kim did you know Reggie is here [in Miami] having dinner? Did you wanna go congratulate him on his pregnancy?” Yeezy apparently was not in the mood and angrily rushed at said photog (above who he has since forgiven with a hug), grasping for her camera Kanye West just tried to beat me up.” Although Ye never made contact w/ said photog (at least we don’t see any pix of it), the photog was hear saying, “Kanye West just tried to beat me up.”

Fast forward to the present day and baby-boo and the photog have kissed and made up.