Serena Williams Pops Slick On Common & His New Girlfriend, ‘You are pathetic!’

Recently, tennis champion Serena Williams left a cryptic, subliminal twitter message to one of her twitter followers. Since she made it more interesting by NOT @’ing the person she was referencing, all we can do is speculate at this point. So who is she referring to? Rumor has it that she’s addressing her ex-boyfriend Common’s NEW girlfriend. Supposedly, Common’s new boo looks a bit masculine, hence calling her a ‘boy’. Serena refers to Common as ‘The Bread’, as in ‘bread-winner’. Now do we have any proof that she’s referring to Common’s ex? Absolutely not. Nonetheless, Serena is speaking to someone on twitter. Check her tweets:

Dear “boy” that reads my tweets and tells “The Bread” everything I say. You are pathetic! And what is more I can’t stand you. Get a life! Or blow up.

And compliments of All Hip Hop, here’s a photo of Common’s new girlfriend: