Karrueche Ignores Rihanna’s Latest Instagram Glory, Chris Brown Returns to Twitter

Looks like Karrueche opted against responding to the latest photo of her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown, cup cakin’ with Rihanna. When photos of the two initially started to hit good ole Instagram, she pressed the friendly ‘Like’ button on Instagram (the one where Rihanna snapped C-Breezy in bed), but these days, she’s played it mum. The last few days, we’ve been ‘twalkin’, lookin’ for clues to what she’s up to these days…and from the looks of things, she’s tryna move on and live life. Good for her! Right?

And in other news, Chris just can’t stay away from social media. Last week, he temporarily closed his twitter account, after having a heating exchange with comedic writer, Jenny Johnson. But like many of you, he just can’t get enough. Over the weekend, he re-opened his account, but has refrained from sending any new messages.

Welcome back, C-Breezy!