Joseline Hernandez Takes Twitter Shots At Tamar Braxton & Claudia Jordan


Miss Joseline Hernandez is none too pleased with the opinions of some of the women of ‘Tiny Tonight’. Monday evening, during their segment about Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Claudia Jordan gave her opinion about Joseline and Stevie J. During the conversation, she and Tamar Braxton made a few jokes about Joseline possibly being a man and having masculine features. And while some of us laughed in amusement, Joseline didn’t find their comments funny–at all. Joseline took to twitter writing:

@TamarBraxtonHer b*tch u got a d*ck u f*ck u know who whit you wanna be beyonce old PUTA. U a mess. I stay on u hoes mind. U 2 old. @TamarBraxtonHer I fight old hoes. Iol. #trowback. N give it up u like 100 u been trying all your life. Get back brawd. Lol Grandmamas always b hating

And wait, there’s more…She continued:

This old hoe @claudiajordan need to sit down is she married yet?@tamarbraxtonher need a nose job with her ugly ass

Ouch! What do you think about Joseline’s response — was she being overly sensitive or was her response warranted?