‘Real Chance of Love’ Reality Star Fighting Colon Cancer

real-chance-of-love-reality star-colon cancer-the jasmine brand

Very sad news. Wonder what ever happened to VH1 reality stars ‘Real’ and ‘Chance’. Back in 2008 brothers Chance (real name Kamal Givens) and Real (real name Ahmad Givens) had a popular show called ‘Real Chance of Love’, where they were on a (staged) mission to find true love. Fast forward to the present day and according to TMZ, ‘Real’ is currently in a Beverly Hills hospital, fighting stage four colon cancer. The site reports,

A rep for Real — who starred with his brother on the popular dating show ‘Real Chance’ — tells TMZ he first got sick in January with what he thought was the flu.We’re told Real went back to the hospital at least 4 times and was initially told something was wrong with his liver — but last week doctors informed him it was colon cancer.Stage four generally means the cancer has spread to other parts of the body.We’re told the rapper-turned-reality-star will remain hospitalized at least until docs figure out what kind of treatment — chemotherapy, radiation, or both — he will require.The rep says they expect a decision from doctors today.

Let’s send prayers and positive thoughts his way.

real chance of love-reality star-colon cancer-the jasmine brand