[WATCH] Beyonce Releases Pepsi Commercial & Snippet of ‘Grown Woman’ Single

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24 hours ago, in a six second YouTube teaser, Beyonce hinted that a major announcement of some sort would be released. Immediately thereafter, #BeyHereNow began trending, causing stans and fans to buzz with excitement.

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Thursday morning, as promised, Bey’s camp released her new Pepsi commercial, with snippets of her new song, ‘Grown Woman’ included. In the 60 second commercial, Bey uses a mirror to demonstrate how she’s evolved throughout the years.

‘Embrace your past, but live for now.’

Check it out below:

And here’s a teaser of Beyonce’s new ‘Grown Woman’ track, produced by Timbaland, rumored to be released on iTunes, April 8th.

[Love B Scott]