[VIDEO] Tick, Tock: Actress Tasha Smith Says She’s Trying To Get Pregnant At Age 42: ‘I’m ovulating soon!’

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42, fabulous and ovulating! 

Actress Tasha Smith is still trying to get knocked-up and she’s made it no secret. This week on the Wendy Williams show, the ‘For Better or Worse’ actress confessed that she and her husband (they’ve been married for almost three years) are trying to conceive. She explained that when she’s ovulating, all bets are off, as she and her husband have made baby-making a priority. She explained in between jokes:

I’m working’ on it, honey….Matter of fact, I’ll be ovulating soon…I countdown my days of travel…During that time of ovulation. I get home or stay home….I’m serious, Wendy are you kidding me? When you’re 42, you GOTTA pee on the stick, okay!  I’m takin’ it honey around the clock…And then, let me tell you this Wendy, after we make love I’ll stand on my head honey….I’m makin’ sure it sticks, it’s droppin’ down…

The New Jersey native also explained how her blended family of step-children work.

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In fact, she considers the children from her husband’s previous marriage ‘bonus’ children and even gets along with the baby mama. That’s maturity! She explained:

I don’t call ’em step kids, I call ’em my bonus…And I’m there bonus…They call me, Mom. I get along…that is a beautiful thing. I dont have no baby mama drama honey…The truth is I give my husband all the credit…If he wasn’t the man that he was, we would have drama…We’re all great friends…It’s like, this is the New Normal baby.

Check out the full clip below.