Beyonce Gives Teyana Taylor A Backstage Pep Talk: ‘Stop Worrying About Haters’ + Performs ‘Grown Woman’ LIVE

beyonce gives-teyana taylor peptalk-the jasmine brand

How sweet is this? As you know, Beyonce is dominating the entire universe, in the form of her ‘Mrs. Carter Show‘ world tour. This week, G.O.O.D. Music’s own, Teyana Taylor caught the Paris show. And in addition to being fully entertained, both the Harlem native and Bey had a sentimental moment backstage, all compliments of Mrs. Carter. Teyana summarized the conversation, writing:

Left the show in tears… Had a lil heart to heart wit The Queen Bey after her show. She told me how proud of me she was, & she knew i would be a star since the first time I taught her my Harlem moves lol i told her im not impressed with me YET but my season is coming soon she checked me and said “ya season is NOW & When u stop worrying about what haters got to say, you’ll start to notice that the RITE people are rooting for you. I am, I see you. I’m here for you whenever u need an ear”- Beyonce ?? I love you Bey thanks for all of ur kinds words.

Well if there’s one woman in the entertainment industry to be rooting for you, might as well be Beyonce, right? And in other Bey news, some handy concert-goer got footage of her performing ‘Grown Woman’ live. Check it out below.

BTW, how the h*ll they know the d*mn words to a song that ain’t even out yet? #StanTakeOva! LOL.