Update: Lizzo Asks Judge To Dismiss ‘Meritless & Salacious’ Harassment Lawsuit From Former Wardrobe Stylist

Update: Lizzo Asks Judge To Dismiss ‘Meritless & Salacious’ Harassment Lawsuit From Former Wardrobe Stylist

Update: (Dec. 19, 2023): Lizzo is trying to enter the New Year with one less legal problem to worry about.

According to reports, Lizzo’s legal team has filed a motion to dismiss the harassment and discrimination lawsuit that was brought against the celebrity by her former tour wardrobe stylist.

As previously reported, in September the “Truth Hurts” artist was hit with another lawsuit, this time from wardrobe stylist Asha Daniels who claimed Lizzo (and her staff) subjected her to a toxic work environment before wrongfully terminating her employment.

Lizzo has denied Daniels’ claims and on Friday (Dec. 15) her attorney submitted paperwork to officially have the lawsuit dismissed. In addition to deeming the suit “meritless and salacious,” they claimed Daniels was fired after “abandoning her post” during Lizzo’s concert in Paris.

However, Daniels’ attorney has argued against that, claiming,

“Lizzo and her lawyers can continue trying to rationalize her illegal and wretched conduct but we remain committed to seeking justice for our clients, and look forward to our day in court where Lizzo can explain her behavior in a public forum.”


Original Story: (Sep. 28, 2023): Asha Daniels, the woman behind the newest lawsuit against megastar Lizzo, is opening up about her recent claims.

As previously reported, Asha Daniels is the latest to come forward with allegations that Lizzo and her team are running an inhumane workplace environment.


According to Asha Daniels, while serving as a member of the Grammy winner’s wardrobe crew for her tour this year, she suffered extreme labor conditions and witnessed racist/fatphobic slander and threats from one of Lizzo’s higher-up employees.

Allegedly, there were times when the fashion designer was forced to undergo 20-hour days, with no breaks allowed. Additionally, Lizzo’s hiring manager, a fellow African-American woman, Amanda Nomura, (supposedly) rolled a rack over Daniels’ foot and even proceeded to “shove” her into the clothing transporter subsequent to the injury.

Also, the filings listed Amanda Nomura’s racially-driven slurs, such as “dumb,” “useless,” and “fat,” and her rule that any female on Lizzo’s squad couldn’t show skin around and/or interact with the entertainer’s boyfriend, Myke Wright.

Asha Daniels

Daniels noted a photo of a male’s private area was dropped in the team’s group chat as well, which she found to be highly inappropriate while others deemed it comical.

In a new interview, the ex-‘Project Runway’ star recounted her experience with Amanda Nomura,

“I’m coming into work with someone who has physically assaulted me, with someone who’s threatened me, someone who is not allowing me to go eat when I need to eat.”

When speaking of Nomura’s taunting, she added:

“Amanda [Nomura] would regularly mock both Lizzo and the ‘big grrrls,’ and she would refer to them as ‘fat’ or just a bevy of really inappropriate things. ‘Useless,’ ‘lazy.’ And she would do like a stereotypical Black impersonation of them. And I told her, like, ‘This is actually really offensive,’ and you know… she just laughed it off.” 

While Daniels didn’t have any direct association with Lizzo, she does feel the “Hustlers” star should be held accountable for those she has on payroll.

She concluded,

“I’m a business owner myself, and I was so shocked that Lizzo’s workplace wasn’t in line with who we know as the star Lizzo. So, I can say, in my own life, I’m responsible for the people who work for me and who work on my projects, and I think that everybody is.”

Daniels was (ultimately) fired and has since developed a severe case of anxiety, PTSD, and migraines. She’s suing for racial harassment, sexual harassment, disability discrimination, assault, and illegal retaliatory termination.

Lizzo’s legal representatives responded by accusing Daniels of creating a “bogus, publicity stunt.”

However, Daniels’ claims are only a few of many made by three of the songstress’ former dancers (Arianna Davis, Crystal Williams, and Noelle Rodriguez) who also detailed hostile, behind-the-scenes encounters with Lizzo and her staff.

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Authored by: Ashley Blackwell