Pilar Sanders Hit With $180K Lawsuit By Ex Publicist


It’s not lookin’ too good for Pilar Sanders these days. possibly more troubles on her plate. Aside from battling estranged husband Deion Sanders in a nasty divorce-Pilar is being sued by her ex-publicist. According to reports, Kali Bowyer is suing Sanders for ‘at least $180,000 for 10 months and loss commissions.’ Bowyer explained:

After a long week of thought, I have agreed with my lawyers to file suit against Pilar, not only for the position she has placed me in publicly but also personally and professionally.

Last month, Bowyer said in an official statement:

I have officially resigned as the publicist for Ms. Pilar Sanders; it became evident that Pilar was providing me with falsehoods, via a multitude of sources and documents that have been brought to my attention. I had the pleasure of speaking directly to Mr. Deion Sanders…, a man who truly showed his character to me during that conversation. Sadly, all I can say is what a horrific situation Pilar has placed her children in and thankfully, they are safe, well provided for and protected now. As for the coming weeks, I will continue to forward the appropriate information and documentation to Deion’s camp. In addition, a copy of the book will be provided to Mr. Sanders prior to publishing to assure the validity of some sections.

Bowyer is writing a tell-all book about Pilar and the divorce and alleges that the mother-of-three lied to her about some aspects of the divorce resulting in Kali lying to the press. Yikes! Only time will tell with this one.

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