Sean Kingston Responds to Gang Rape Allegations: Points His Finger At the Devil, Says ‘Don’t Believe The Hype’

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22-year-old singer Sean Kingston has been hit with some very serious allegation. According to TMZ, he, along with his bodyguard and one of his musicians have been accused of gang-raping a drunk teenage girl. Allegedly, the incident went down in a hotel room in Seattle after a concert in 2010. The victim (Carissa Capeloto) has filed suit against the men. She alleges that she’d been invited to Kingston’s hotel room for a meet-and-greet after a Justin Bieber concert, where Kingston had also performed. When she arrived, she claims that the bodyguard picked her up and placed her on top of Kingston, and all three men gang-raped her while she was

‘obviously, intoxicated, incapable of content.”

Reportedly, she had smoked marijuana and was intoxicated (she had seven to ten shots of vodka) before the encounter. The assault stopped when Capeloto’s friend entered the room and rescued her. TMZ reports that the police were called and Capeloto was then taken to the hospital. Criminal charges were dropped after police determined that Capeloto (who is now 22) wasn’t credible enough for a case. Kingston has purportedly filed legal documents insisting that the sex was consensual. After news hit about the case again this week, Kingston wrote on twitter:

Dont believe the hype…. I am a child of GOD and have a great relationship with him…. I live a positive life so I know I’m good … In this world no matter who you are what u do… they are people trying to bring u down constantly. .praying on ya downfall gotta be strong! Who GOD BLESS No Man Shall Curse…..The devil is working… But I’ve been through the fire before and it’s nothing him and his friends can do to stop me! I believe in GOD.. Done … Stay strong through the stormy weather …

A trial has been set for November.

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UPDATED: According to TMZ,  Sean Kingston has settled up with the 22-year-old victim. Why settle? Because his upcoming tour and new album release will prevent him from focusing his energies on a trial. The exact amount that the singer paid has not been shared.