[Video] Idris Elba Breezes Pass Pregnancy Reports, Says No One Cared About His Personal Life Until He Got Boo’ed Up

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Idris Elba is quite the busy man. The British actor whose credits include the critically acclaimed BBC show Luther and the infamous character Stringer Bell on HBO’s The Wire, the 41-year-old  is promoting his newest film, Mandela.Recently, Elba stopped by Hot 97 and spoke with Angie Martinez about being gassed by President Obama, his recent health scare, if he going to be a new father and although he’s claiming his new girlfriend, why he’s adamant to keep his romantic life private. Peep the excerpts below.

On his visit to the White House and President Obama gassing his head up about how handsome he is: 
I went to the White House, Obama comes in and does a little speech. He says, ‘I’d like to thank some of the filmmakers Justin Chadwick, Harvey Weinstein, like to thank Naomi Harris doing a great job. And this guy.’ He’s talking about me! I’m like nah, he’s not gonna snap on me. ‘This guy. When this guy came to the White House last time, the ladies couldn’t leave him alone. So ladies, I urge you, leave him alone. Let him watch the movie.’ Yo, it was so hilarious.
On the Mandela families reaction to the film: 
The Mandela family loved the film. We saw it in South Africa with Winnie and the two daughters…It was very emotional..After the film people clapped and it was real quiet people were trying to soak it in, you know it’s a very emotional film. Especially, if thats your own history. Winnie said, ‘you’re my husband now’ and she pulled me in and she kept saying it to her daughters like, ‘take a picture of your dad, take a picture of your dad.’ I was like awkward, its a little awkward.
On his recent health scare (asthma attack) during a flight:
It was the strangest thing to ever happen to me. Look you know my dad died about 8 or 9 weeks ago. My dad was no crier, no grieving kinda guy and I’ve kinda adopted that but I think what happened to me when I sat on the plane.I’ve got asthma…I was fine, I was fine all day. As soon as I sat on the plane I suddenly can’t [couldn’t] breathe you know and I was like what is going on here…When asthma hits you it feels like your lungs..it feels like your in a bit of water and you’ve got this much air to breathe and it keeps creeping up…They took me off the plane..took me to the ambulance and I went to the hospital. Thankfully, I’m alright..
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On if he’s expecting a baby:
I, personally am not expecting a baby no. That would be physically impossible.
On trying to keep his romantic life, private: 
I really try to avoid it. Its part and parcel of being in the public eye I guess people wanna know you’re stuff. For the most part, listen you know, nobody wanted to know anything about me when I was single. You get a girlfriend and everybody’s like “we wanna know, who is she?” Come on man give me a break. Really, I’m private I’d like to keep it that way.
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