EXCLUSIVE: Consequence Explains Why He Voted For Kanye West – He’s My Brother

EXCLUSIVE: Consequence Explains Why He Voted For Kanye West: He’s My Brother

Consequence has been very vocal lately about his decision to vote for Kanye West in the 2020 election.  The rapper and former Love And Hip-Hop star exclusively shared with theJasmineBRAND why Kanye West got his vote.  He says,

“That’s my brother. Kanye’s my brother. If anybody’s brother was running for president they would vote for their brother.”

He adds that he is very close to the West family, and says that he’s making his way to the White House if Kanye West ever does.

“Our children play together, so if he was going to the White House I was going with him. And when he go to the White House, I’m going with him. When he go to the governor’s mansion, I’m going with him… So that’s just what it is you know I mean?”

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The former G.O.O.D. The music artist reveals that he and Kanye West were at odds but have since gotten their relationship back on track.
“We’ve had a a friendship and a brotherhood that’s endured since 2002… so we going on 18,19, 20 years of rocking. We had a time when when we weren’t seeing eye to eye and we fell out and we patched that up. We love each other like brothers, I love him, I love his wife and their children and their family. They’ve treated my son like like a blood relative and anything that he needs from me no matter what I’m there for him.”
He added:
“I mean a lot of people don’t get that close to him, and understand the kind of passion that he has and the kind of person that he is. But he’s not crazy, not off the rails… he’s a very passionate person about the ideas that he’s having and he’s juggling a lot. The Gap collection it’s coming in January, everybody got one at least one or two pair of Yeezys, and we’re getting this music thing, and we’re getting this album sorted you know.”
He went on to defend Kanye West’s recent run for president and said:
“Everybody here and there has ups and downs you know what I’m saying? So you know with with the Black community, we can’t abandon each other. We gotta definitely hear each other out, unless it’s just an outright snake move. I don’t think Kanye made no outright snake move towards nobody… for me snakey vibe is a no-no. When we on snakey vibes it’s over. I think he just was being Kanye. He was just like ‘yo why don’t I run for president because I want to make a difference.  Why just put on a red hat when I could just get to it.'”
Check out the clip below:

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Authored by: Demi Lobo