[VIDEO] Kenya Moore Tells Arsenio Porsha Stewart Is ‘Dumb’, Blasts NeNe Leakes

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If there’s one thing Kenya Moore knows how to do, it’s throw shade and entertain reality TV viewers. From the beginning of the season, The Real Housewives of Atlanta reality star has been quite vocal about true feelings about cast mates. Initially, her friendship with NeNe Leakes seemed to be going well, but that’s certainly not the case these days.

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This week, she wrote a personal blog post blasting her

The shade is real. Why is NeNe so concerned with my house, car, or man? Yes, I moved from a 7,000 square foot home to 5,000. Still larger than the one she’s rented for 5 years, yet, larger than the one I owned for 15 years… but who’s counting but her? Yes, I have a brand new Bentley, it’s just a car! Since she’s in need of an upgrade she should get her man to buy her a new one from their shared bank account.  As far as my “invisible man,” NeNe is in fact the only woman in the group who has met my “African Prince”  so she knows he exists. Typically, very successful men who are into you don’t seek the spotlight, unlike the attention whore husbands some of the women are with. The fact that she would try to throw shade about this now is laughable to me. Are you surprised?

Her sentiments seemed the same when she appeared last night (January 21) on the Arsenio Hall Show, where she expressed her displeasure for both Phaedra Parks and Porsha Stewart. 

This is what we deal with on the show, it’s embarrassing. I almost feel sorry for her, for her to be, I don’t want to use the word dumb but dumb and to show that to the world. We all make mistakes but the ignorance is something that’s hard to deal with. I feel like on a lot of levels, we’ve failed her.

Ouch! Watch the clip below.

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