[VIDEO] Dule Hill Denies Romance With Fantasia: Just Because I Had My Hand On Her Booty Doesn’t Mean We Are Dating

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We don’t believe you, you need more people!

Actor Dule Hill is clarifying his relationship status and contrary to popular belief, he says he’s not dating singer/actress Fantasia. On Tuesday (February 18th), he visited the Wendy Williams Show. When prodded about rumors that he’s dating ‘Tasia, he politely said that those reports were completely false. Despite hitting the ‘After Midnight’ red carpet with his hand positioned on her booty, he jokes that they’re just friends:

Oh no. Oh, just because I have my hand on somebody’s booty I gotta be dating them? You know what I’m sayin’?

Motioning to Wendy, he joked:

I put my hand on your booty, now we dating?

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Apparently, it was a slow media day and the two were just enjoying themselves when photogs snapped their photos:

Here’s what happened, here. First of all, it must’ve been a slow media day. First of all, this is the opening night. They ask us to go on the press line and we’re just having a good time, laughing. Next thing I know, the next day, ‘A New Couple’ or something like that.

He continued:

In the words of the great Ed Lover, ‘Come one, son!’ Now mind you, there’s worse rumors that could be out there. Fantasia’s a sexy, amazingly talented person so I mean, she’s beautiful but uhh, no we’re not dating.

He has been married before. In 2004, he married actress Nicole Lyn. In November 2012, after eight years of marriage, he filed for legal separation from Nicole citing irreconciable differences. Meanwhile, he’s still on the market sharing:

I’m not dating anybody right now, but you know, I’m just taking it one step at a time.

Check out his interview below.

P.S. Do you believe that he and Fantasia weren’t or aren’t dating? 

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