35 Never Looked So Good! Brandy Tells Queen Latifah About Monumental Birthday Bash


This week, singer turned actress Brandy Norwood stopped by the Queen Latifah Show. It’s mid season of BET’s The Game and cast members are making pit stops promoting the popular series. While chatting with Queen Latifah,  Brandy chats about a monumental 35th Birthday bash. No longer engaged (reportedly her and fiance Ryan Press ended things earlier this year after dating 3 years), Brandy still seems to be in good spirits focusing on her acting craft.

Check the conversation below.

Queen Latifah: So You just turned 35, Congratulations. I heard you got a serious surprise?

I did. You know how when people have those surprise parties they’re not really surprised. They have that face but it’s not really real. I was really surprised, I was scared, I was shocked, it was just a great experience and my brother did that. Yes he did that and I was like ‘Really Ray J?’  I loved it, I felt so great. It was the type of party where I felt like everyone there I had a moment with them at some point in my life. It wasn’t just like random people I didn’t know just to fill the room, it was really people that I knew and I had a moment with.


Queen Latifah: The game’s premier had 6 million viewers, did you know that?

I didn’t know that. (sings *Glory*)


Queen Latifah: For anyone who hasn’t seen the game, tell them what it’s about:

The Game is about the behind the scenes of football. The players, their wives, their baby-mamas, their ex-wives, their new wife, Chardonnay. So it’s a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes of football and how that life is, so it’s basically tackling that.

Peep the full clips below:



(The Queen Latifah Show)


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