[EXCLUSIVE] RZA Talks ‘Brick Mansions’, Paul Walker’s Spirit & His One Question For God

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Rapper RZA continues to show  off his acting chops in the film, ‘Brick Mansions’. In the film, RZA (born Robert Diggs) portrays Detroit kingpin ‘Tremaine’ where the city’s most dangerous people are isolated from the rest of the world. Paul Walker, portrays an undercover in hot pursuit of RZA’s character and is the final film starring Walker who passed away last year in a car crash. In an interview theJasmineBRAND.com, RZA discusses his thoughts on the film and his character, along with an alarming story about how he accidentally stayed ‘in character’. Peep the excerpts and clip below.


What did you think when you first saw the script? 

I seen the original film it was based on and I’m a fan of the film I got it in my crib, you know got two copies actually. So when I got the screenplay I read it, it was kinda different and I was thinking this guy is somebody cool for me to rock and ‘Tremaine’ with a West Indian flair, I thought it was a chance for me to have a little fun. I think I did have a little fun doing it, hopefully I didn’t see the final film, so hopefully a lot of my good parts I thought I was having fun in was captured and edited but it was cool for me.

What was your most challenging scene to film? 

You know being mean and bad..I’m not a mean guy or bad guy I’ve grown out of being that. I started off like that in my teens and twenties and I’m past that I’ve found myself and so to go backwards and be like, ‘I’m a killer’, ‘I’m a violent dude’, ‘I’mma terrorize people’, ‘shoot you for nothin’. So that’s not me, when you’re making a movie you are playing. To play like that it was fun, but it was also challenging. In the middle of the movie I got a week break, I went a Wu Tang show, and I still was in character and I tore up a room, I threw water in somebody face, and my publicist was like, ‘Hey Bobby! Hey Bobby!’ save it for the screen man…I was zoned out’

On a softer note, in one word how would you remember Paul [Walker]? 

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