Apollo Nida’s Alleged Accomplice, Gayla St Julien, Releases Statement After Sentencing: I Kept His Secrets

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Gayla St. Julien, the woman who allegedly a partner involved with Apollo Nida’s criminal activity is speaking out. Last week, she was sentenced for her part, walking away with a five year prison term. She’s released a statement, via Reality Tea, sharing her side of their illegal activities. Read a few excerpts from her statement:

To all the people who hide behind keyboards with negative comments and opinions. To the individuals who know nothing of my life or struggles. Apollo sat in the back of Judge Pannells’ court room the look of fear on his face awaiting my fate which will soon be his fate. As of April 23, 2014 was a day of new beginnings for me I took full responsibility for my actions. I DID NOT testify against Apollo. Eight months ago I did assist the secret service in only holding Apollo accountable for his part in the crimes. Apollo and I have a very long history together we often referred to each other as best friends.

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I protected, kept Apollo secrets, covered up lots of affairs and when his mother lay fighting the battle