[VIDEO] Porsha Williams: I’ll Reveal My New Boyfriend If RHOA Renews My Contract

Porsha Williams on V 103Porsha Williams really let her claws out this season and now her job is on the line. With her next season up in the air—thanks to her Kenya Moore incident—she doesn’t even have a chance to breathe as she’s constantly finding herself in hot water. Kordell’s ex-wife stopped by Big Tigger on V-103 to defend all her recent negative press. She talked Real Housewives of Atlanta, her anti-gay speech, and what celebrity—who publicly dissed her—tried to date her.

Check out the excerpts from her interview below.


If She’ll be on Next Season of RHOA:

I’m not at liberty to say but I would like it to work out.

Who She Doesn’t Want Back on the Show:

I’m for the good of the show. I think we’re a good group, we have our ups and downs but that’s what people like to watch. Some people like a little crazy and fake-ness so maybe those are some of the viewers that’ll tune in. Some are for the realness which is the other girls. All I’m saying is I hope this season, they show a little more of our life so they show what we do for a living. I have a job. I have a hair company, I have single that’s on iTunes right now, and I’m working on a lingerie company now.

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If the brawl was provoked:

When I did my one-on-one and I was in front of those 3.9 million viewers I wanted to just be transparent. All the games, the entertainment for TV that was done and over with when it got real and it went to that level. When I was asked the questions by Andy I wanted to tell him just how I felt, off the bat, right off my heart. I felt like her answers she just been prepped basically. I can’t take her serious at this point, I’m really done with it.

On the African Prince: 

I don’t know who her african prince is, but he was there the whole season just nobody saw him around.

Who she’s dating: 

I really haven’t said yet who I’m dating, he is someone special. I’m not ready to say yet. I’ve been there before and put my relationship out there and if I’m signed again with Housewives, then of course I’ll share the situation but until then you’ll just have to wait and see. I can tell you this, I’m loved and it’s a great feeling.


On Her Controversial Video:

The way that they showed the footage, it was literally a 45-minute speech, they showed maybe 15 seconds. I was speaking to the congregation and what I was saying was, I know that god loves everybody and at the end of the day if we’re christians we shouldn’t only go out and minister to who we want to minister to. We have to tell everybody that god loves them—just church folks they discriminate against certain groups—we are all loved by god we are all worthy of his love and at the end of the day we should share that love and let everybody know you’re worthy of god, it was a speech about salvation. It was really spun the wrong way and it hurt me, I was really hurt over two days over that situation I have a lot of friends who live their lives and I don’t judge anybody, we are not to judge anybody at the end of the day and that was just press that was media that was switching the situation and that was evil to me.


 On Tyrese Saying RHOA is Ruining Marriages:

Then he tried to holler, next. Child please, sit down.

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Authored by: Sharifa Daniels