‘Cooler Than Your Girl’, Jhené Aiko Covers VIBE

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Often referred to as a modern day hippie, Jhené Aiko Efuru Chilombo is covering Vibe’s two-part Summer issue. The feature sheds light on Jhene’s tough upbringing and pregnancy at a young age (she has a daughter with Omarion’s brother), tapping into her dark side and her two cents on why artists are saturating the subject of weed. Check out a few excerpts.

On comparisons to Sade:

That’s great if people think that because she’s amazing. That’s someone I’d love to be in the same lane as.”

Tapping into her dark side for her video, The Worst:

I’ve never killed a guy, and I’ve never went to jail, but those are the things I have to get out of my


head some way. It’s writing a song and then turning my crazy thoughts into those moments where I’m like, I could really do that, but I’m not going to.”

Artists using marijuana as their subject matter:

Everyone’s [singing] about weed now, ‘cause that’s the ‘in’ thing to do. I’m like ‘Do you even smoke?’ You can tell when it’s contrived. You don’t have to do it. Talk about what you do.

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Discovering she could sing in the second grade:

That was the first time that people heard me sing and they were like, ‘Oh, you should be a singer when you grow up.’ From that point on, I started singing every day and practicing.

Growing up quickly after having a child:

I felt like an old woman trapped in a child’s body. I realized how much responsibility I had. Little things like going to the store to get toilet paper or dishrags makes you realize that you’re an adult.

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