[Interview] Exclusive: Omarion & Girlfriend Apryl Jones Talk Love, Pregnancy, and Ratchedness

Omarion and Apryl

How has the pregnancy been?

Apryl: Chill no cravings no vomiting, no nausea no noting.

What’s the most ratchet song or embarrassing song on your Ipod list?

Omarion: It’s probably a Ty Dolla $ign song, ‘got another ni—a bitch in my bed right now.’ That’s how the lyrics go, I didn’t want to say it but that’s how it goes.

What’s the biggest lesson you learned about love?

Omarion: You have to have friendship. That’s the only way its going to work.

Apryl: You actually have to like the person that you’re with. Because I love him but I actually like him.


Authored by: Sharifa Daniels