[INTERVIEW] Part 2: Mimi Faust Clarifies Friendship With K.Michelle + Why She Hasn’t Given Up On Love

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In part two (click here for part 1) of our exclusive interview with Mimi Faust discusses her twitter interaction with fellow ex-cast member and singer K. Michelle and if they’re now friends, whether or not she’s given up on love, if she was attacked during the reunion and the biggest lesson Nikko taught her. Listen to the FULL Interview below. 


Check out part two of our conversation below.

thejasmineBRAND: How did you and Nikko meet?

Mimi Faust: Nikko and I met years ago and we dated back in the day and I ran back into Nikko in 2012 in L.A. at the VMA’s and we rekindled our relationship then and then we started dating again back in 2012.

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thejasmineBRAND: At what point did you and Nikko’s relationship end?

Mimi Faust: It Hadn’t been good for a little while but definitely after that day that I found out he was married is when everything just got bad and we were never right after that and I wasn’t able to get back on board with him with that being the case.

thejasmineBRAND: I believe I heard Nikko owed back child support. Does he have children?

Mimi Faust: He doesn’t have any that I know about and when I asked him he said no

thejasmineBRAND: Moving on. On twitter, it appears you’ve made up with K. Michelle. Why did you decide to I guess forgive K?

Authored by: tjbwriteratlanta