[INTERVIEW] Omarion Frustrated Fans Still See Him As Boy Band Member: It’s not my issue.

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Omarion and girlfriend, Apryl Jones, embarked on two new life changing journeys, reality TV and parenthood. We don’t know which one is scarier, but after watching the interaction between O’s mother Lesli and Apryl, we’re betting Love and Hip Hop Hollywood.

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While at the LA premiere party, theJasmineBRAND.com correspondent @CorvayaJ sat down with the month old parents. We talked to Apryl about motherhood before getting into the singer’s past that he can’t seem to escape, “if it’s really love you have to let things go.” One things clear, Omarion is ready to move on from his boy band days with B2K.

Press play to watch and then check out our interview excerpts below.

The Jasmine Brand: How’s motherhood? 

Apryl Jones: It’s amazing. I can’t remember my life before him. I never knew what it was like and I think I gave women not enough credit. I appreciate mothers and I understand it differently. This is the first time I’ve been away from him and I miss him so much.


The Jasmine Brand: What do you hope to achieve through Love and Hip Hop Hollywood?

Omarion: Truth, I hope because I pretty much grew up in front of people’s eyes.

The Jasmine Brand: B2K, We’re not going to let it go.

Omarion: It’s not my issue, it’s the fans..

Omarion and Apryl

The Jasmine Brand: It’s love at the end of the day.

Omarion: I don’t know if its love. If it’s really love you have to let that thang go. But really truthfully, I’m one of the few people—first of all I’m an inner city kid. My family, everyone I grew up, they’re thugs. I had an opportunity and choice to choose in my life and my best friend is doing life. A lot of people see me and they don’t see that, they don’t understand like ‘oh that’s how he’s able to make moves’. How he makes moves or when he signed to Maybach, ‘why did Ross sign him?’ I want  to be smart enough to put the pieces together.

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Apryl Jones: They only see him as B2K, boy band. Most people, the perception, and that’s why I’m so glad we’re doing the show because people don’t understand what you are and what you represent.

Omarion: No, not even that, but look at my lady. Look at my taste.

Apryl Jones: Cause I taste real good, but he taste good too.

The Jasmine Brand: Your son is a month, stop (laughs).

Apryl Jones: Well that’s how we had him.

Omarion: But at the end of the day, look what I represent and look what represents me. That’s my truth.

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Authored by: Sharifa Daniels