Daniel ‘Boobie’ Gibson Blames Press, Social Media on Keyshia Cole Divorce

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It’s no secret, marriage can be extremely difficult to maintain. And for those who live in the celebrity realm, remaining in holy matrimony may be even more challenging. Such is the case of Daniel ‘Boobie’ Gibson and his estranged wife, singer Keyshia Cole.


Earlier this year, the couple (who married in 2010) confirmed that their was trouble in paradise and they had intentions on divorcing. While speculation remains as to if the divorce is final, one thing is for sure — Boobie believes that social media and press were damaging to their union. In fact, he shares a story about him taking a photo with a stripper who just happened to be someone from his hometown.

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He says that the photo was innocent, but led everyone to believe they were hooking up. He also says that he was willing to work through their marital issues:

In today’s world, especially in the black community, couple’s not staying together no more….they just filing a report….In that particular situation wi her, I would’ve been willing to work through whatever the problem was…you supposed to grow with someone and go through whatever problems y’all got and come up out of them….

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