[WATCH] Man Tells President Obama: Don’t touch my girlfriend.

voter Man Tells President Obama- Dont touch my girlfriend-the jasmine brand-the jasmine brand

Man Tells President Obama- Dont touch my girlfriend-the jasmine brand

We don’t know if we should laugh or cringe after hearing this amusing story. On Monday (October 20th), while casting his ballot in Chicago, President Barack Obama was caught off guard when he was told by a man to jokingly stay away from his girlfriend.

Here’s what happened. Obama stood at a voting booth next to Aia Cooper, whose fiancé, Mike Jones, decided to crack a joke with the president, telling him:

Mr. President, don’t touch my girlfriend.

His joke prompted Obama to reply cooly with “I really wasn’t planning on it,” before adding that Jones was “an example of a brother just embarrassing you for no reason.

Voter Tells President Obama- Dont touch my girlfriend-the jasmine brand

Later during an interview with CNN, Cooper laughed it off, but said she was “embarrassed and just shocked” after hearing her fiancé comments. “I was just shaking,” she said.

She shared that she was already uber nervous to cast her ballot next to the president even before Jones made his remark. She said:

I was like, ‘do I have to stand there? I don’t really want to stand there.

When asked by Baldwin, the couple said they’d even be open to inviting the Obama’s to their future wedding.

“I wanna meet Michelle”, Cooper said. “Hopefully she doesn’t think anything about me, but I really want to meet her.”

Man Tells President Obama- Dont touch my girlfriend 2014-the jasmine brand

After the light-hearted incident, Cooper apologized for her boyfriend, telling the President she knew Jones was going to “say something smart,” but she didn’t know what.

At least she would go back home with a good story: Obama joked that she would tell her friends and family,

I can’t believe Mike, he is such a fool.

“But fortunately, the President was nice about it, so it’s alright,” Obama said, imagining how Cooper would tell the story.

Obama got back at Jones after voting, with a hug and a kiss for his fiancé.

“On the cheek, just the cheek — please, Michelle, don’t come after me — just the cheek!” Cooper told CNN affiliate WLS-TV after voting. Obama told Cooper:

Now, he’s really jealous.

Man Tells Obama- Dont touch my girlfriend-the jasmine brand

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