(INTERVIEW) Angell Conwell Talks Break-Out ‘Baby Boy’ Role, Working in Hollywood & ‘Family Time’

Angell: Well, that’s interesting. Basically, that everyone is catty. I’ve met so many great people, supportive people and people that want to see you do good. That was one of the first myths early on. I remember when I auditioned for a show called ‘Dave’s World,’ it was alot of actors. We were all young–we were like eleven–ten or eleven. Everyone was wishing each other good luck and ‘hope you have a good audition.’ It was a very good vibe. I was thinking to myself, ‘They weren’t at all how I thought they would be.’

theJasmineBrand.com: When did you have your first “Mama we made it” moment?

Angell: Probably then–well, maybe the ‘Baby Boy’ premiere. If it wasn’t then, then I maybe still haven’t had it. I set a goal and when I get to a goal, my mind is already somewhere else so it’s very hard for me to think mama we made it. When I can do certain things for my family, for my granny, and I can take the whole family on a geat trip–luxurious trip–that’s when it would be my moment. But I haven’t had it yet. I have so much more to do.

theJasmineBrand.com: You’ve done it all: film, video, television — what’s your opinion about people who don’t “put in their time” so to speak, like reality stars who get roles because they are popular in the moment?

Angell: Listen, I’m all for just doing your thing. Everybody’s going to have a different journey and you have to respect that and accept that. Somebody might work less than you but get more than you. Somebody might work less time than you and still make it quicker than you. It’s a bad thing to compare but I feel like–as far as being an actress and being in that entertainment region– I think it’s good to do it because you actually have a passion for it and love the craft. I personally love it when I see somebody that does this because they love portraying a character or becoming someone else or being apart of a great production. I love seeing people who are in it for that and not just for popularity or fame because they’ll bring more to their characters. I think when you can bring more to your character, you’re able to touch more people. That is personally why I started–you know? I wanted to touch people through playing characters or telling stories.

theJasmineBrand.com: You’re also currently on Bounce Tv ‘Family Time’ going into its second season debuting October 14th. Tell me about that.

Angell: So exciting. It’s executive produced and created by Bentley Kyle Evans. He did ‘Martin,’ ‘The Jamie Foxx Show’ and ‘Love That Girl.’  So many really good shows that were hits or classic shows. ‘Family Time.’ I’m going to be bias because I’m on the show. I’m also speaking as someone who enjoys good television–it’s a good show. I’m also proud of it and working with Omar–you know we haven’t worked together since “Baby Boy”– it’s just a really great situation. Also being connected to Bounce, because Bounce is a newer network and it’s doing so well and it’s growing and they are setting different records. Google it–they’re doing great things. It’s just really cool to be apart of some fresh and new situations.

Authored by: tjbwriteratlanta