(EXCLUSIVE) Beyonce & Jay Z Hit With Bizarre Prison Lawsuit

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The lawsuits thrown at celebrities and well-known persons are endless. And so are the baseless, sometimes unbelievable suits. Such just may be the case for a new lawsuit that both Beyonce and Jay Z. theJasmineBRAND.com has learned that they have been hit with a $50 MILLION DOLLAR lawsuit, accusing them both of stealing music lyrics and not paying the alleged true songwriter.

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A man named Jeffney Phillips filed a federal lawsuit against the power couple on October 31st in Florida court. He explains he is currently locked up in prison out in the Sunshine state. Phillips says that he met a man named Chucky while in prison. He explains that Chucky is friends with Jay-Z and told him he could introduce him to the mogul through the mail.

The lawsuit says that around 2010, he began communicating with Jay-Z and sending him lyrics to get feedback on. Phillips says that Jay-Z would communicate with him and told him he would be paid for the music he sent that was going to be used.