Suge Knight’s Ex Girlfriend, Singer Michel’le, Reacts to His Arrest: I don’t feel anything … but it’s unfortunate! [VIDEO]

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Singer Michel’le, who is an ex-girlfriend of Suge Knight and has a child with him, recently shared her reaction to the controversy surrounding the former Death Row founder. In an interview with CNikky, she speaks quite candidly about his recent arrest for murder and attempted murder:

I don’t feel anything! I’m not his girlfriend! Just to clear that up! Let me clear that up girl! That’s 10 years gone bye bye! I know, but you know what? It’s really unfortunate and ironic

suge knight ex girlfriend-michelle-reacts murder attempted murder charges-the jasmine brand

because he’s lived his whole life of people just saying he was this bad guy, and that one split second, he changed a lot of lives. You know, he really did. And the bad thing about it for me, is that, my daughter Bailey, she gets to go visit him. But, the Carter’s don’t get to go visit their child. so, it touched all of our families, changed our lives forever.

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When the R&B Divas LA cast member is asked how her daughter is handling her father’s current circumstances, Michel’le responds: