[UPDATE] Blac Chyna’s Mother Slams Rapper Tyga & Kardashian Family: They look like idiots!

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While most of us reserve Mother’s Day for celebrating motherhood, some of us reserve the day for letting the choppas swing, literally.

Blac Chyna’s mother, who goes by the Instagram name Tokyo Toni, has had enough of the Kardashian family, along with the father of her grandson, rapper Tyga.

Tyga, Ms. Tokyo

Tyga, Ms. Tokyo

As you know, for the past year, there’s been conflict between Blac Chyna and her father’s child (Tyga) and his rumored girlfriend Kylie Jenner.

On Sunday, Chyna’s mother, posted several messages defending her daughter and slamming the Kardashian and Jenner family. In one message, she writes:

Chyna is SELF MADE!!!! No one gave her shit!!!! She been this way all her life!!! #take a note ( Graduated and went to college”) bloomed into a real woman/ mother!! @ no on have her shit!!! not me!! not Tyga !! She worked her ASS OFF !!!! And still is!! Raising a son and is a great mom!!! She is an Angel and I be damned if I am letting this go unsaid “SHE IS SELF MADE” @entrepreneur !! Call me her MOM” I am her mom and NO ONE WILL DISRESPECT HER and think I ain’t going to say Nothing! Chyna is reserved and chilled ” IM NOT” and can care less about these fluke ” Money grubbing” bitches!! If Kylie didn’t do her lips ass tits etc!!TYGA BE WITH HER SISTER on the low!! “# iwillnotbequiet

In another message, she writes:

People keep coming to me about Tyga family attacking my daughter. Listen up these are


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