50 Cent Talks Reconciling With Mayweather, Blames Rick Ross For Sex Tape & Shades Diddy [VIDEO]

Floyd Mayweather, 50

Floyd Mayweather, 50

If he’s friends with Floyd Mayweather:

Yeah, we’re straight.

Why he didn’t attend the actual fight, but watched it at a nearby hotel:

Just the whole room. I didn’t want to be in the room. I know they would focus on me during the fight. And I was like, let me just chill…It would be a distraction…It was interesting because he was fighting the whole country. He was fighting all Phillipino people….I just let him do his thing. That’s the biggest fight in the world and he worked his way to that position.

How he and Mayweather mended their friendship:

Chris was actually involved. He brought me out to Barkley’s arena. And Floyd was there.

50 Cent, Rick Ross

50 Cent, Rick Ross

The lawsuit he’s currently going through regarding Rick Ross’ baby mama’s sex tape:

People don’t realize that it was actually released through his web site.

Watch the full interview below.

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