EXCLUSIVE: Radio Personality Miss Jones Says The Late Andre Harrell Gave Her Pills To Keep Her Stomach Flat, Dishes On Her Return To Music & Pressure To Look A ‘Certain Way’

Miss Jones

EXCLUSIVE: Radio Personality Miss Jones Says The Late Andre Harrell Gave Her Pills To Keep Her Stomach Flat, Dishes On Her Return To Music & Pressure To Look A ‘Certain Way’

In an exclusive interview with theJasmineBRAND.com, radio personality Miss Jones opened up about her return to music and the pressure women artists can feel to be a specific size. She also dished on her time with Motown Records and Andre Harrell allegedly asking artists to take pills to achieve having a flat stomach.

Before becoming a radio personality Miss Jones, born Tarsha Jones, was a well-known songstress who was a Tommy Boy and Motown records recording artist. Her talents definitely shined and she achieved gold and multi-platinum recording success.

After taking a break from the music scene Miss Jones is gearing up to make her return. While chatting with us she filled us in on the current state of her upcoming project.

“This is so new. Like when I tell you we literally agreed to do this [musical] project [a few days ago]. And because my kids tell me I’m old school and I know I like what I like, I have to leave room for these newer producers to come and say ‘Auntie we know you like that but, you know, maybe we should try this.’”

Miss Jones also touched on the pressure that women in the music industry have to deal with. She said.

“I think we all know that in the industry you have to be a certain size, which is so anti-everything us women have fought against. And while I’m not going to hold back releasing music because I haven’t gotten my weight down, I really need to get more in shape and then see what I look like. And then we’ll decide what [clothing styles] look best.”

Miss Jones

She added,

“Because I’m older. I don’t look 53 years old. I don’t think. But I don’t want to come out dressing 53. But I also don’t want to come out dressing 23. So I don’t know what that looks like.”

Miss Jones continued and revealed that when she was signed to Motown Records the late music executive Andre Harrell had her and other prominent female singers take pills to help their stomachs be flat.

“Back then I used to have to…here I go telling secrets again, but oh well. Back then when I was on Motown, Andre Harrell had me – I say allegedly – Me and some other very prominent female R&B/Hip-Hip singers, we had to take these pills to keep our appetite suppressed. And to keep our stomachs flat and to keep us looking ghetto fabulous.”

Andre Harrell

She continued

“So I think when you start out that way you’re conscious and you’re – I don’t know if they were throwing up food but I was very about that thin-girl life. By any means, I needed to – Miss Jones needed to always look like Miss Jones on the video, and it drove me crazy and it wasn’t healthy.”

She added that the pressure to look a certain way has affected her mindset in her radio career as well.

“Even when I was on radio I was really conscious because people don’t see you on radio but make sure that when they do see you and when you are on that billboard in Manhattan that [your] stomach is flat, that [your] face is chiseled. It just was ingrained.”

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel