Diddy Releases ‘Finna Get Loose’ Featuring Pharrell [New Music]

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After shutting down the 2015 BET Awards with his Bad Boy reunion, Diddy premiered his new single ‘Finna Get Loose’ featuring Pharrell. The single is produced by Pharrell and Diddy and could possibly be on his final album, “Money Making Mitch.” The theme of the song overall is about having a good time and turning up, which Diddy is known to do. On the track, Diddy rhymes:

Where you from, where that at
Where you heading, what is that
What you doing, feeling that
Get that f-cking cake up, open your mind [?]
Keep your distance, unless you wanna get witnessed
Me and the renegade, Glock grenade, [?]
Chop it like sumo
Ni–a hungry like Cujo
Smoking that Pluto
No ticking time like hand on the rope
Nigga feel beautiful
No park brake but a ni–a in neutral


Authored by: tjbwriteratlanta