Floyd Mayweather Vents About His Personal (Love) Life

Floyd Mayweather-Badmedina-Liza Hernandez-the jasmine brand

Floyd Mayweather Jr is apologizing for what appears to be his love life. Earlier this week, we reported a messy spat that was going down on Instagram between Mayweather’s ex-boo, Badmedina and Liza Hernandez. [Click here for the full backstory].

Badmedina-Liza Hernandez

Badmedina-Liza Hernandez

Fast forward to the present day and Mayweather took to Instagram, venting and apologizing to his fans. While he didn’t specify whom he was referring to, but posted the message below.

Sure I enjoy the company of my friends. I enjoy the unprecedented lifestyle my hard work has afforded me. I enjoy spending my free time traveling the world and having fun with my children- These are the things that mean most to me and I have become