Laverne Cox’s Cornrow Snub to Amandla Stenberg Was Accidental: I have never been interested in celebrity feuds.

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In case you hadn’t heard, Laverne Cox recently came under fire for appearing to take sides in the Instagram beef between Kylie Jenner and Amandla Stenberg. [Click here for the back story on Amandla’s calling Kylie out about her corn-tows.]

Kylie Jenner Cornrows Versus Amandla Hunger Games Star-the jasmine brand

This week, the Orange Is the New Black actress (and Andre Leon Talley) appeared on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live!

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During their appearance, Andy named Amandla his Jackhole of the day, stating:

Today’s Jackhole goes to the Instagram feud between Kylie Jenner and Hunger Games star/Jaden Smith’s prom date, Amandla Stenberg, who criticized Kylie for her cornrows, calling it cultural appropriation.

Cohen asked his guests Laverne Cox and Andre Leon Talley.

White girls in cornrows — is it okay or nay?

Both Laverne and Andre Leon appeared to agree that it was okay for the famous reality star (Kylie) to rock her controversial corn-rows. This in turn, sparked a #boycottBravo” trend on Twitter. Cohen later apologized, while Lavern wrote a lengthy explanation about her comment(s) on the show. Posting it on her personal tumblr, she titled her response: My Thoughts on Cultural Appropriation.  Read it below.

Whenever I have spoken up and out about issues that are important to me I have tried to do so in ways that illuminate the discussion, put it in historic and cultural perspective with love, empathy and understanding. I have never been interested in interpersonal attacks, feuds or ‘checking’ individuals publicly. Whether people perceive my work in that way or not, my intention is always to have conversations with love, empathy nuance and understanding.