Steph Curry Regrets Bringing Daughter Riley Curry To Press Conference [VIDEO]

Steph Curry Reveals He Regrets Bringing Riley Curry to Finals Podium

NBA champion Steph Curry is not only a decorated basketball player, but a celebrated family man. He and his wife – CoverGirl spokeswoman/restaurant-owner Ayesha Curry – have become media darlings, along with their adorable children – Riley, 6; Ryan, 3; Cannon, 7 months.

But, in a new interview, Steph revealed that he regrets including then-3-year-old Riley in his NBA finals press conferences in 2015. He said:

“One thing I do technically regret in terms of how fast this all came is when I brought Riley on the podium [during the 2015 NBA Finals].”

He continued:

“I’ve always wanted to share what I get to do, and all the experiences I have, with my family. I didn’t know how much that would blow up and how much of a splash she [would make] on the scene. If I could take that one back, I probably would, just because my goal is just to…give my kids the best chance at success and at seeing the world in the proper way…trying to give our kids the best chance to be successful and have a normal life in terms of treating people the right way, having respect, not getting too bigheaded and feeling like everything’s about them. The lessons I’m teaching my kids right now at ages 6, 3 and 7 months – it’s wild to think about.”

He also revealed the advice he would give to himself in 2009 – his rookie year:

“Find out who you are, be comfortable with it, embrace it and let that be the most consistent thing that you can … rely on. I’d say, just the hoopla and craziness that’s happened these last 10 years, there were plenty of opportunities for me to kind of lose my mind, lose my sense of self and lose a sense of reality.”

Steph Curry added:

“It’s just wild to think about what’s thrown at us on the daily that we kind of have to kind of roll with. These wins and losses and championships, it’s important, it’s what we work our a– off for, but in the grand scheme of things, is it that serious for it to change who you are? I hope to have accomplished that and hope to keep on that path.”

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay