(EXCLUSIVE) Beyonce Blasts Singer Accusing Her of Stealing Music for ‘Drunk in Love’

Mitsou explains the first 13 seconds of “Drunk in Love” are her vocals. She also states that her vocals also appear on various occasions throughout the song. She claimed all together the song featured her voice for one and half minutes (aka 29% of the song). The singer said she never gave Beyonce permission to use her music nor was she paid for the superstars hit song. She filed suit demanding an injunction against “Drunk in Love” from continuing to be distributed and damages for the illegal use of her track along with money for her emotional distress.

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Then on September 25th, Beyonce and Jay Z fired back at the Hungarian singer’s lawsuit accusing them of ripping off her music. Beyonce explains that her song and music video are protected under the constitution since they are her artistic expression.

Further, she says that she has no idea who this Hungarian woman is who filed the legal battle. She explains that she didn’t use her voice for “Drunk in Love”, but rather the vocals are her own but were digitally altered using a software in the studio.

She adds that the woman never even explained if she owns a copyright for the song she alleges the samples were ripped off from for Bey’s hit song. The music mogul is demanding the woman’s entire lawsuit be thrown out of court and she be awarded nothing from her complaint.

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Authored by: TJB Writer